Please consult your local printer or producer on best available options. Please ensure that Touchstone Energy® co-brand logo is legible and readable on all apparel use cases.

In general, black, white, dark blue colors provide a great amount of contrast on apparel applications and should be used if possible. Apparel applications are more complicated and we understand the need for flexibility in certain situations.

If you have a specific question, please contact the Touchstone Energy® staff for support. See below for options on integrated and endorser co-branding apparel examples.

Note: Tone-on-tone options are allowed, please ensure there is visual contrast in the tones or materials used.

Apparel Legible


In this version, the cooperative logo is combined with the Touchstone Energy® logo into a single logo unit.

The logo unit placement is up to the co-ops discretion as long as the co-brand is legible and readable.

Apparel Integrated




When using endorser branding, the Touchstone Energy® and co-op logo appear separately and are not a single logo unit.

The co-brand placement is up to the co-ops discretion. Please ensure that the co-brand is legible and readable.

If the co-brand does not fit within a certain area, please place the co-brand in a different area instead of making it smaller (ex: polo shirt sleeve, back of shirt, opposite chest).


Apparel Endorser

Lands' End ® Clothing

Lands’ End is the preferred clothing partner for Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives. View and customize Touchstone Energy branded apparel through Land's End.

The company has worked with our brand for many years and understands the amount of detail and work that goes into properly branding and co-branding apparel.

Lands’ End already has all approved logos, sizing, and co-branding guidelines implemented in the ordering system.

When ordering with other apparel manufacturers, please use the guidelines here, and also keep all other standard co-branding guidelines in this brand style guide unless otherwise noted.

Land's End Logo