Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives provides customizable print ads featuring programs, services and advertising themes. Proper tagging is required for use of print ads. In most cases, tagging areas are designated on every print ad to ensure readability for the viewer. In ads that do not have a specified tagging area, it is good practice to anchor your logo in a corner that provides the greatest color contrast and readability.


It's important to print with bleeds for print materials, most design files will come with bleeds laid out, if not please contact your local printer for more information and assistance.


Incorrect Tagging Examples:

 •  Obscuring the image with logos, text, or graphics

 •  Not using the designated tagging areas on all print advertisements

 •  Using a logo that is too large, too small or low-res

 •  Improperly scaling the logo

 •  Not anchoring a logo to a corner


Print ads First Paragraph Image


Print ads First 2 Paragraph Image