By choosing to become a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, your co-op has the responsibility, under the licensing agreement, to use our name, signatures and tagline. By using to co-brand using an integrated or endorser brand signature along with your own co-op name, you are joining other electric cooperatives nationwide that understand the advantages of a unified identity—one that reflects the co-op traditions of innovation, commitment to community, accountability and integrity. To take full advantage of that unified brand identity, we need to maintain uniformity in our use of the Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives trademarks. This website will serve as your guide on our logos, digital and print assets and apparel needs.


Touchstone Energy® members have the right to use, distribute, reproduce, publish, and publicly display in any media (“Use”) any “Graphic” contained in the advertising section of For the purpose of promoting their business. Members are permitted to modify graphics for the purpose of incorporating their respective names and logos within a graphic. Members are also permitted to resize or alter the layout of the graphic to fit the dimensional needs of a particular publication. However, members shall neither crop nor edit the Graphic to substantially change or modify the original design. Members are not permitted to use only a portion of a Graphic. Members also may not sub-license, lease, sell or rent Graphics to third parties. Videos and radio ads can not be edited beyond adding the co-ops logo without first notifying Touchstone Energy® of interest to do so since this relates to copyrights of the talent and may result in additional fees.