Getting the color right is as important as any other factor in maintaining the uniformity of the brand. The preferred signature PMS colors are shown in the sample at the bottom. Process CMYK color builds and PMS colors are acceptable for print applications. RGB and hexadecimal color builds are appropriate for web and digital applications and should not be used for print applications.

Note: PMS colors tend to be a different shade on different monitors. Please know that this is the true signature color of Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives and should not be tampered with.

logo color and typo


color values


1-color applications are useful when the background color and the Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives logos do not create proper contrast to the logo graphic or leave the logo text illegible.

There are two acceptable 1-color applications. Uses with all-white and all-black logos should be used. Unacceptable uses of 1-color applications include:

•  Using any other colors aside from white and black included in the logo packages

•  Recoloring the logo graphic and logo text.

•  Reducing opacity of the logo graphic


If you are placing a 4-color application on a color besides white or black or an image, please ensure that Touchstone Energy® logo icon is clear and distinguishable. Please ensure that the blue portion of the logo graphic has enough contrast between similar background colors.

Color Applications


The typeface chosen for the Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives logo and tagline is Goudy Old Style.

The only acceptable use of Goudy Old Style is on national and co-brand logos, while Goudy Old Style Italic is used for the tagline text.



The two font families that Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives use on a daily basis are Oswald and Modum. They are used in internal and external communications and commercially available for download.

Oswald Download

Modum Download



HK - Grotesk

An alternative to Owald, HK Grotesk is used in various advertising mediums such as social, and digital ads.

HK - Grotesk



DIN Condensed is primarily used for header titles in print or digital advertising. The font is available through Adobe Fonts.



Raleway is another alternate font sometimes used in print or digital advertising. The font is available through Google Fonts.